Sunday, January 31, 2016

This is intended to be a blog to make you think about the food we all eat and enjoy. My daughter and I will seek to deconstruct the chemical and artificial food that's all around us into a 'real' facsimile of the supermarket/fast food version. By 'fake' we mean the one where 50 ingredients are needed to make 'texas toast garlic bread'. Our goal will always be to recreate the flavor and improve on it. What we will sacrifice along the way are the chemicals, corn syrup, preservatives and the inherent convenience of perpetual shelf life. 

We aim to tackle things like recreating a shamrock shake using dairy products, no artificial colors, etc. We will also seek to create our own homemade cool ranch corn based chips. More to come....

We'll enlist the help of the rest of the internet and give credit where credit is due to those who have boldly sought to do the same before us. Think of this as a collection of those experiments to remake that guilty pleasure food less guilty. 

In a nutshell, we will take the 'ish' out of deliciousish...

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