Thursday, May 5, 2016

Taco Seasoning

Convenience food is convenient and easy to grab out of your fridge, cabinet, etc. but is it the best for you?Our mission is to take bad for you foods and make them healthy and easy just like convenience food. Today we took a packet of low sodium taco seasoning and turned it into a jar of similar tasting better for you seasoning. We found this great recipe off the blog Wellness Mama

We gathered up all the ingredients... A mixture of south western spices. 

- Cumin
- Garlic Powder 
- Chili Powder 
- Onion Powder 
- Oregano Leaf
- Paprika
- Salt (we opted for a smoked salt)
- Ground pepper

This recipe makes 1 cup of taco seasoning. 3 tablespoons= 1 packet of taco seasoning. That's enough to have 3-4 taco Tuesdays. 

This recipe calls for a 1/4 cup of salt. Since we opted to make a low-sodium taco seasoning we put just under a 1/4 cup of salt (was too much). We also used a smoked salt to lend more southwestern flare to our taco seasoning. 

We put our seasonings in our mini food processor and jarred the seasoning. 

No Silicon Dioxide in this recipe! All done! It's delicious. We made a batch of tacos already. It is on the salty side though, so the next time we will be using less salt. Yummy.

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