Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lay's Potato Chips

Everyone loves a good potato chip once in a while. It's a guilty pleasure that we all indulge in once in a while (or sometimes more often than that). 
There is an entire industry that has taken over half of an entire aisle in the supermarket to feed our cravings in this regard. Although delicious, many of the products on those shelves are made with unsavory ingredients and things that make something that's inherently not a health food, even worse for our bodies. 

When you take a step back and think of what makes a good potato chip it's really pretty simple. You need potatoes, oil and some salt. The salt is optional...
Two ingredients!

Oil and potatoes go together like chocolate and peanut butter (that's a different post...home made peanut butter cups). So let's get started.
Get some potatoes and slice them. This is best done with a mandoline to get the slices as thin as possible. Once you have processed (ha) a few potatoes like that, you're ready to do some frying. 

Caution: Mandolines are dangerous. I sliced the tip of my finger off with one. Also, hot oil falls into the same category. Someone over the age of 18 needs to be around for these steps!

Get a good quality vegetable oil or peanut oil if you have no allergies in that regard and get it nice and hot in a pan (stay well below the smoke point). Drop in your pre-sliced potatoes in a single layer and watch the magic unfold. How will you know they are done? When they look so tempting that it takes all your willpower not to reach into the boiling oil to retrieve one (don't do that...bad idea). 

Get them out of the hot oil bath with a sieve, slotted spoon or tongs and put them on a paper towel covered baking sheet. While hot add salt or other seasonings to impart additional flavor on these bad boys. 

If these aren't in the top 5 of best chips you ever had, make sure you followed the directions above. Guess what? No, preservatives, chemicals or other nasty stuff.
Put them in a zip lock once they have cooled off to store them for a few days. These won't keep for too long, but I have no doubt they'll be gone in a couple of days... Enjoy!